23 November 2017  Transition Year 1st Term News Roundup

EYP (European Youth Parliament)
On 13 - 15 October Loreto College Foxrock hosted all of the delegates from a wide range of schools for the EYP Dublin.  We played ice-breakers and spent the evening taking part in bonding activities. On Saturday we dived straight into our topics.  We came up with problems and solutions.  This was a very tiring day but we all felt very accomplished when we finished.  On Sunday, our final day, we had a general assembly.  This was our chance to tell all the other committee and the board why our resolution should be passed.  We gave our opening speech and then the floor was open to debates. There were moments throughout the day where things became heated.  However, overall it was thrilling and everyone learnt valuable new skills, like public speaking and debating, that will stand to us for years to come.  The weekend was a huge success and a great taster into the world of politics. Amy Davis, Inez Gadula, Lydia Flanagan, Ellen Blackwood, Keely Flynn, Aifric O’Donnell, Aisling O’Kelly and Rachel Sampson were fantastic ambassadors for the school.   We would like to express thanks to Eimear Murphy (past pupil) for helping to organise the event in our school.
By Aifric O’Donnell  4 L

Work experience:
During the week of 23 - 27 October, all the TY students spent the week in a wide range of placements including marketing companies, schools, hospitals, law firms, architect offices and some students got an insight into the hospitality industry.  Some people were lucky enough to be in charge of their own projects and some got real hands-on experience working with animals and in a range of laboratories.  I think our year really enjoyed their work experience placements and are now much more aware what is involved in their area of interest.
By Aisling O’Kelly 4L

SOAR Workshop 
SOAR presented a workshop on Wednesday 8th November to all TY students.  I think it was a good opportunity for people to share things and it brought everyone much closer.  First they showed us these music videos and asked us how we felt about them.  We worked in small groups discussing issues that are relevant to our daily lives and reflected on the impact these issues are having on us.  We ended the workshop with everyone in a circle reflecting on the day and acknowledging others in the year group for being a good friend, helping them through a tough time or just putting a smile on their face.
By Rachel Sampson 4L  

Make A Wish 10km Bray to Greystones Sponsored Walk 
On Friday 10th November, all TY students walked from Bray to Greystones along the coastline with stunning views of Bray and the Irish Sea.  It was only 10km so it didn’t take too long. We arrived at Greystones and we got the DART home.  It felt good to do this walk because it was fun and we raised €1,000 and counting for this year’s TY charity-  Make A Wish Foundation. 
By Rachel Sampson 4L

ty outing 02

ty outing 01 small

Rugby Blitz:
Under the guidance of Ms Fitzsimons, a group of TY students organised a Tag Rugby Blitz with CBC Monkstown on Monday 10th November.  Multiple games were played with 4 girls and 4 boys on each team.  They showed a range of rugby skills, which they learnt from recent training days with Rugby coaches who visited the school.  A great afternoon was had by all.  Many thanks to Ms Fitzsimons for all her help.  (See photos below)

GAA Blitz:
A GAA blitz was hosted and organised by a group of TY students on Friday 17th November.  This was a huge success with Loreto Foxrock winning overall on the day.  It ran smoothly and many thanks to all the Loreto schools and their teachers who travelled to us and for taking part.

Careers Evening:
A huge thanks to Ms O’Malley for organising a careers evening with a host of past pupils from a range of colleges and courses. This was held in Loreto Foxrock on Tuesday 21st November.  Both parents and TY students got the opportunity to ask questions and find out exactly what certain courses are like and where they can lead to in employment terms.

TY Musical:
We are thrilled to announce this years TY Musical with CBC Monkstown is ‘Disco Inferno’.  We have been attending auditions for both acting and dance.  Watch this space for more details.

Blackrock Radio:
Congratulations to the TY students who did us proud being interviewed on Blackrock radio this week.  The students were involved in heated discussions regarding gender and equality.


22 November 2017  TY Tag Rugby

TY Foxrock & CBC Tag Rugby Photos

Hope all enjoy the photos of our TY girls and the boys from CBC who joined forces for tag rugby last week!  Thanks to Ms McGettrick for the photos!

ty cbc tag rugby 01 small

ty cbc tag rugby 02 small

ty cbc tag rugby 03 small


4 October 2017  - 4L TY News

The Ploughing Championships - Thursday 21st  September 2017

Our whole year group went to The National Ploughing Championships in Tullamore, Co. Offaly on the 21st September.  We were very lucky with the weather as it didn’t rain while we were there!  When we first arrived we were surrounded by 1,000’s of stalls.  There were so many different types of stalls, some of these being food, livestock, forestry, education and Bio Energy and Agriculture stalls.  A lot of well-known companies had stalls such as Spin 1038, Lidl and Aldi.  Most of us got plenty of free items from them!  If you wandered enough you would find cows and sheep for sale.  Our task was to complete a worksheet and one of the questions required us to ask farmers a couple questions.  So, we all got to talk to some farmers about Brexit and about the ploughing.  We got to see some of the ploughing (including the horse drawn ploughing!)  We got the time to wander and experience Europe’s largest outdoor event.  Our visiting Spanish students had just arrived so they got to sample a unique part of Irish culture.  Some of us were very happy to find a couple of amusement rides near the ploughing!  Overall, I think we all had a wonderful time at the Ploughing Championships this year and for some, it was a new experience.

By Fleur Cahill & Ciara Daly 4L

ploughing02 ploughing01
ploughing03 ploughing04
ploughing05 ploughing06
ploughing08 ploughing09

16 November 2016  - 4L TY News

(Update 7th – 14th November)

Back to school after one week of ‘Work Experience’ and one week for midterm, we were straight back into the our MOS computer class and completed practise tests questions in order to prepare for our exam to come. Some students who are just finishing their module in Chinese visited Mao restaurant in Stillorgan as part of the Chinese module. At the restaurant, Ms. Campbell tested the students on their oral skills while she asked them questions in Chinese and made them order their food in Chinese. It was delicious.

ty nov 4L 05  
ty nov 4L 01 ty nov 4L 02

Musical auditions for the parts in our TY production of HAIRSPRAY were held on Saturday 12th November in CBC Monkstown. These were much more enjoyable than we imagined. We were made feel relaxed and the audition was very short. We will soon find out who got the lead parts. Fingers crossed.

Just returned from a hectic week of work placement which gave each TY student the opportunity to spend a week in a work place of their choice and get the feeling for the day to day activities and engage with clients, work colleagues and learn on the job. Students gain a range of skills and this was definitely a confidence booster.

Our class, 4L did a workshop in card-making during the morning classes. Ms Kenny showed us all her beautiful hand crafted cards, frames, candles and candle holders. They were decorated with snowy white, warm red and sparkling gold colours for Christmas. Then we separated into four groups to create our cards using ink and stamps, magazine photos, stencils and ribbon. We made individual Christmas cards that we hope to sell for the upcoming Christmas fair. It was a very enjoyable class and a wonderful skill to make a special gift at Christmas. I look forward to seeing these creative and colourful cards on display next month and I’m hopeful they’ll please the customers at the fair next month.

ty nov 4L 03 ty nov 4L 04

Other workshops that took place were sweet making with Ms O’Shea in the Home Economics kitchen where students made batches of chocolate truffles, honeycomb, Fudge and peppermint creams. All mouth-wateringly delicious.

Ms Glacken showed students how to create fondant figures using the Christmas theme e.g. penguins, Christmas trees and snowmen. These will be available for purchase at the TY Christmas Fair.

Ms Naughton then held a craft making workshop where students decorated jars and made unique Christmas home decorations. Great fun was had by all.

Thank you very much to all the teachers for taking the time to inspire and teach us how to create production that will hopefully held our sales at the Christmas Fair.

By Abbie Healy and Emma Walsh

15 November 2016  - Congratulations

bt young scientist

Congratulations to the following students who have qualified to compete in the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in the RDS next January. A total number of 2091 project submissions were received.

It is an amazing achievement to be one of the 550 projects to qualify!

We wish these students the very best of luck in their work as they prepare for this event.

Underage Female Athletes and Ankle Injuries – What is the Relationship between Jump Strength, Balance and Proprioception. Siobhan Murray, Laura McCarthy & Anna Geraghty - TY

20 September 2016  - TY News

In celebration of their excellent Junior Cert. results, the following day, 15th September, TY students put on their climbing boots and spent the day on Joust Mountain.  Here's some great pictures which tell the story:

ty joust sept 2016 06

ty joust sept 2016 01

ty joust sept 2016 10

ty joust sept 2016 08

ty joust sept 2016 05

ty joust sept 2016 03

ty joust sept 2016 02

ty joust sept 2016 04

ty joust sept 2016 07

19 September 2016  - TY News from 4L

Our Transition Year students had a very enjoyable and fun-filled team building trip in Birr in Co Offaly last week (31st August - 2nd September).  Here's a report by one of our students and some great photos of the trip!

The Transition years were busy from 31st August to 2nd September. We were away in Birr, Co. Offaly on a bonding trip to connect with their new classes. We bonded through many different activities over the three days which were gorge walking, canoeing, pier jumping, horse riding, archery, rock climbing, abseiling and working our way through the ghastly Green Maze. By the end of the trip all the girls and teachers were wrecked but also thrilled that they went.

On the first night 4L and 4E went camping in the forest. They started off orienteering around a forest unknown to the girls, and met some teachers who went for a scenic walk. They collected firewood and made a fire that night. The girls roasted marshmallows and they sang songs to their hearts’ content around the big bonfire. That same night the girls in 4O and 4R and all the teachers slept in the dormitories of Birr Outdoor Education Centre. Students worked in small groups and rotated between the activities on all three days. It was a great trip and no one will forget the sensational time they had. We would like to thank all the teachers who came with us on this trip for giving up their free time.

ty birr sept 2016 11 small

ty birr sept 2016 01 small

ty birr sept 2016 02 small

ty birr sept 2016 03 small

ty birr sept 2016 04 small

ty birr sept 2016 05 small

ty birr sept 2016 06 small

ty birr sept 2016 07 small

ty birr sept 2016 08 small

ty birr sept 2016 09 small


15 March 2016  - TY News from 4O

'All Shook Up' (Loreto Foxrock & CBC Monkstown), Science Trip, IADT, Healthwise Week

All Shook Up!!
The TYs have been keeping busy with musical rehearsals nearly everyday after school and all weekend. We are looking forward to the show which opens on this Sunday the 13th March. It will run until 16th March.  It will take place in CBC Monkstown and tickets are still available.  Make sure you get yours fast!

all shook up01

Science trip:
On Friday 4th March 2016, a group of students from TY went to Science Talks in Trinity College Dublin.  We received a number of presentations from 2nd Year Chemistry students including 'The Chemistry of Mental Illnesses', 'The Chemistry of Sleep', 'The Chemistry of Life on Mars', 'The Chemistry of Superfoods' and 'The History of Chemistry'.  All presentations were interesting and entertaining and we all enjoyed our day out.

As part of Science Week in IADT, TYs got the opportunity to go to some of the talks the college was presenting.  There were different talks ranging from “Sound and Vision” to “Creating your First Webpage”. They were all extremely enjoyable and we were given a free t-shirt promoting the week.

Healthwise Week:
This was a busy week for all the Mini-companies.  Healthwise Week is a whole school activity-based week where health promotion and fun and having a healthy lifestyle are encouraged.  Each Mini-company group were given a food to prepare and sell each morning before school- including pancakes, bagels, granola & yoghurt, fruit muffins and smoothies.  A great start to the day.   4O’s winning design was printed and available on t-shirts throughout the week…all about the Pace….  We performed “uptown funk” with the 5th & 6th Years as part of the whole school dance off!!  We also got the opportunity to organise an event for the week including the Movie night for 1st & 2nd Years, 'Walk in my Shoes' on Tuesday, a 'Silent disco' and a Zumba class given to two groups of 2nd Years.  We enjoyed the Zorbing on Tuesday also- great fun!!

4O- Julie, Karen and Rachel

3 March 2016  - TY 'Press Pass' Journalism Awards (Ms O'Connell)

Anna O'Neill 4E Shortlisted in Press Pass Journalism Competition

Congratulations to our TY student, Anna O'Neill 4E, who has been shortlisted in the National Press Pass Journalism Competition run by Independent Newspapers.   Anna will attend the awards ceremony on the 14th March in the Convention Centre where she will receive her prize.  All of our TY students entered the competition and Anna is one of only two students from Dublin to be included on the shortlist!  Her written piece is an interview with Occupational Therapist, Amy O'Neill, and can be read here.
Well done Anna from all in Foxrock!

16 January 2016  - TY News from 4O

Young Scientists, Hockey, Careers, Cycle against Suicide

Last week three groups of Transition Year Students competed in the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in the RDS.  Katie Gosson, Alice Lynch and Annika Whelan's project was "To Investigate if VO2MAX Levels of teenage girls can be improved when partaking in a Six Week 'Couch to 5K' Programme."  Karen Davis, Aoife Colleran and Frances Bourke's project was "To investigate the attention span and learning ability of a specially designed cartoon for deaf children compared to the average children's cartoon."   A special congratulations to Megan O'Neill, Ruth Crowe and Elisa de Patoul on receiving a Highly Commended award for their project: "The effects of moving country on a teenager's feeling of identity and belonging."   We are very proud of the girls involved.

bt young scientists 04

On Tuesday 12th January 2016, all TY students attended the Senior A team's Leinster Hockey Final against Alexandra College which took place at Grange Road, Rathfarnham.  Transition Years were well represented on the team- Siofra O’Brien, Christine Hamill, Hannah McLoughlin. The girls played extremely well but unfortunately for us Alexandra College won out in the last few seconds.

On Tuesday Evening we had our second Careers Night.  This consisted of three classrooms with two speakers from different professions in each room.  Each Speaker gave a description of their career followed by a short Q&A session.  We rotated room every 25 minutes. Even though this was held after school on Tuesday evening, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile event.  

Currently we are getting our Work Experience and Community Care weeks finalised. We will be going out from 1st February – 12th February.

30 TY students went to the Cycle Against Suicide in the RDS on Thursday 14th January. We will have an update next week…           

cycle against suicide

Róisín Downey  4O

18 November 2015  - TY News from 4E

TY Musical Auditions / Interview with 2nd Years / Croke Park Visit / Sponsored Walk for the Irish Heart Foundation / Science Week Visit to DIT

TY Musical Auditions

On Saturday 7th November all TY students were given the opportunity to audition for this year's TY musical.  The auditions took place in CBC School.  It was a nerve-racking but very exciting experience for everyone.  Lucy Hackett was quoted as saying she was “All Shook Up” during her audition!;-)
The musical is built around the songs of Elvis Presley and it tells the story of the love lives' of the residents of a small town in America.  We all had to prepare a song from a given list so it really helped that many of us were already familiar with the songs.  It was a very worthwhile experience as many of us had never auditioned for anything before!
A member of 4E was over-heard predicting that she is a blue-suede shoe-in for a lead part!!

The musical will place on 13th, 14th and 15th March…buy your tickets early as this is bound to be a sell-out show!

Caoimhe Cullen – 4E

2nd Year Science Trip to W5 - Interviews by Eve Clifford & Sarah-Jane Sampson (4E)

On Tuesday 10th November all 2nd Years went to Belfast to an Interactive Science Exhibition called W5.  “We attended two very interesting talks, one on chemical reactions and the other on force.  During the day we got to try out different interactive experiments which were on each floor of W5.  Altogether the trip was enjoyable and a very fun day out!”  -  Tara Clifford (2 Babthorpe)
(Interviewed by Eve Clifford – 4E)

“My favourite part of the visit was when they froze bubbles using nitrogen.  Also I did not know that Issac Newton invented the cat flap!  Afterwards we were free to explore the different levels and areas of W5, doing loads of different science-based activities and challenges!”   -  Rachel Sampson  (2 Poyntz)
(Interviewed by Sarah-Jane Sampson - 4E)

Croke Park Visit

In Croke Park we attended a fascinating talk about Sports Journalism.  The speaker talked about her background and how she got into sports journalism.  She used to play with Cork and was apparently very good.  She also played basketball for Meteors when her career was cut short because of a back injury that left her paralysed for two days.  As she didn't want to completely end her relationship with sport, she decided to write about the games she attended, and after college she was lucky enough to get a job in RTÉ as an editor for matches at the weekend.  This job allowed her a lot of free time during the week so that's where she developed into the writer she is today.

During the second part of the day we got a tour of the stadium.  During the tour we saw the pitch and the various important parts of the ground such as the trophy stand where the cups are presented to the captains of the winning county after an all-Ireland final.

As the day progressed we were allowed some time to roam around the G.A.A museum where we saw the original Sam Maguire and Liam McCarthy cups.  We played games to test our accuracy with a Gaelic football and also to investigate the maximum speed we could puck a sliothar - my best was 92km/hr.  Our trip to Croke Park was hugely enjoyable and anyone interested in G.A.A or Irish history should go visit for themselves.

Clara O' Sullivan - 4E

TY Sponsored Walk for the Irish Heart Foundation

On 7th November 2015 all the Transition Year students took part in a 10km walk.  Each student got sponsorship to take part; the money that was raised will go to The Irish Heart Foundation.  We walked from Bray to Greystones.  Although it had been raining throughout the morning, by the time we had arrived in Bray the rain had stopped and fortunately the rest of the day was lovely and sunny.  Overall the walk was really enjoyable.  Eve Clifford was so taken with the “stunning views” that she needed to be reminded to stay away from the edge of the path!  Well done to Ms. Bourke-Kennedy, Laura Taylor and Sorcha McCooey for running the entire trail!   Just a reminder to all who participated to bring in their sponsorship money as soon as possible.

Ruth Crowe – 4E

tynov1501 sm

TY Science Week Visit to D.I.T.

Transition Year students attended a talk by Dr. Robert Howard in D.I.T for Science Week entitled 'The Physics of Martial Arts'.  We learned about the physics analysis of breaking.  The main considerations for this are the amount of energy lost due to deformation during impact, the impact forces and stressful impossibilities.  He then went on to describe what conservation energy of energy is and how it links to Martial Arts.  Using formulas we analysed the different amount of forced used depending on whether your whole body was used or just your arm.

Kate Quinn – 4E

Science Olympiad Photos

science olympiad01 science olympiad03
science olympiad04 science olympiad02


23 October 2015  - TY Updates

TY Careers Evening & TY Work Experience (1) - October 2015

Careers Evening
On Tuesday the 13th October all Transition Year students attended a Careers evening.  Past pupils from Loreto Foxrock came and told us about the courses that they are studying in a range of colleges. This night opened our eyes into all of the options for college and our careers for the future.

Work Experience
Starting on October 19th all Transition Year students started their first week of Work Experience.  This week showed us what our future jobs might be like; it also has given us the sense of a real working week.  There was a wide variety of areas people were experiencing.  For example people were working in Primary schools, Law firms, Sales and marketing, Vets, RTE and Engineering Companies.

Saoirse O'Keeffe 4O

27 September 2015  - TY Trip

TY Team Building Trip to Birr Co. Offaly - September 2015

Last Wednesday 2nd September, TY students had the opportunity travel to Birr Outdoor Education Centre for a two night trip.  We got to experience a wide range of activities including gorge walking, kayaking, archery, rock climbing, abseiling, horse riding, canoeing and a selection of team games including ‘selfie’ orienteering!  We even got to experience the outdoors at night by camping out in the woods which was an experience we would never forget!  We sang songs, played games and chatted around the campfire.  We all highly enjoyed the outing as we felt it bonded us both with our classes and as a year.

Niamh Sheehan and Alanna Drury 4L

tytrip06 small 


27 April 2015  - TY History Tour (Ms Giblin)

TY History Walking Tour in Dublin - 24th April 2015

The Transition Year History classes went on a walking tour of Dublin with historian Lorcán Collins on Friday 24th April.  The tour focused on the events of the 1916 Rising and there were stops at Trinity College, the Rosie Hackett bridge and the headquarters of the Rising, the GPO.

As the date was also the anniversary of the Rising, the girls met Muriel MacDonagh, granddaughter of Thomas MacDonagh, one of the signatories of the Proclamation at the GPO.  She gave the girls an impromptu talk on her family’s role in the revolutionary period.  Congratulations to Rachel Mulligan, who won a book prize for accurately answering a question about the tour.  The girls enjoyed the trip and learned a lot about the events and consequences of the Rising.


ty history trip 02-small

26 March 2015  - TY Musical  (Ms McGettrick)

TY Musical:  Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat

Thanks to Ms McGettrick for compiling and sending us this powerpoint - Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat.  It gives a small 'flavour' of the colour and spectacle of what is one of the 'best' productions for years.  Well done girls &  boys.  You are all fantastic.  Enjoy the rest of the week.


25 March 2015  - Transition Year Updates   (Ms Early)

Transition Year Achievements - March 2015

Congratulations from everyone in Foxrock to Niamh NíIceadha on winning the Worchester Bosch Art Competition (featured).

Niamh Nicheadha winning entry to the Worchester Bosch Art Competition

Congratulations to Eimear Murphy and Eva Glynn on their selection to the Irish team participating in the International European Youth Parliament.

Congratulations to the TY Spikeball Coaching Team on organising and running the hugely successful Spikeball Blitz on Friday 20th March.  180 primary school pupils from the national schools of Our Lady of Good Council participated and had a wonderful, competitive, fun day.  The Spikeball Team: Erin Walsh, Blaithin Lane, Saoirse Morgan-Fennessy, Anna O'Farrell, Laura Geary, Jessica Viola, Roisin Sherwood-Scully, Niamh Cullen, Aoife Doran, Rebecca Beggins, Rachel Mahon, Sarah Rigley and Rebecca Tonge.

spikeball coaching

Well Done to Roisin Scully(4O)on the publication in the Irish Examiner of her newspaper article 'A week without technology: a teenager's digital detox'.

roisin scully

5 February 2015  - TY Broadcast Module   (Mr Tracey)

Transition Year Broadcast Journalism - 4E Voxpops

Here are the latest Voxpop offerings from Mr Treacy's 4E Class.  Listen and enjoy!!

Piercings at School


Teeth Whitening

TY Sport

27 January 2015

Niamh Ni Iceadha into National Finals of Art competition

Congratulations to Niamh Ni Iceadha (4E) on winning the regional stage of the Credit Union of Ireland Art Competition. Good Luck from all in Foxrock to Niamh in the National Finals.

Niamh Nicheadha entry to finals of credit union competition 2

20 January 2015  (By Ms McGettrick)

4O TY Updates

It's been a busy few weeks with Musical rehearsals for "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat".  It will be performed from 23rd - 27th March in conjunction with the boys in CBC Monkstown.  The leads from Loreto Foxrock are: Sophie Griffith, Sinead McLoughlin, Eva Glynn, Valena Hickey and Jessica Viola.  The dances are coming together and we are starting to get out costumes.  3 weeks to go!!!

20 January 2015  (By Erin Walshe  4O)

4O Trip to the 'Cycle against Suicide Student Leaders' Congress' - 14 January 2015

Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend the annual ‘Cycle against Suicide Student Leaders’ Congress which was held in the RDS. Over 6,000 students attended from all over Ireland. The main aim of the Student Leaders’ Congress is to promote positive mental health, help-seeking behaviour in young people and our message that “it’s okay not to feel okay; and it’s absolutely okay to ask for help.” The theme of the congress was “Appreciate Your Mind”. Throughout the course of the event, people from ambassador schools from around the country displayed what projects they had run in their schools to promote positive mental health. These projects have inspired us to make a difference in our own school in regards to mental health. Throughout the day there were music performances from several different local artists, such as the Dublin Gospel Choir, Red Empire and White Chalk. Several famous Irish people spoke about their battles with mental health, such as Bressie, Sonia O’Sullivan, Alan Quinlan among others. The day wasn’t all serious though, as a lot of comedy and light heartedness was added by hosts Colm Hayes and Al Porter. Magician Shane Gillen also managed to blow our minds whilst also appreciating them. I think we can all agree that we left the Congress feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference for those who might be struggling with mental health issues. The most important thing we took from the day is that it’s okay not to feel okay, and it’s definitely okay to look for help. I hope we can attend next year’s Congress and show what we have done throughout the year to promote positive mental health.

13 January 2015  (By Mr O'Flaherty)

4O LOCAL STUDIES   - 6th January – 10th March 2015                      

13th January:     Guided Walk of Dun Laoghaire Seafront
Seafront Monuments eg George IV, Leinster, Lifeboat    
Guide: M O’Flaherty

20th January:     National Gallery of Ireland at 3pm
Guided tour of the European Collection - Gallery Guide

27th January:    Guided Walk of Deansgrange Cemetery
Visit the graves of women in the First World War etc
eg Dorothy Jones, WW1 VAD - died on the Leinster, 1918

Guide: M O’Flaherty

24TH February: Guided tour of Dublin Castle at 2.30 pm
Military Hospital during WW1 & 1916 -   Castle Guide

3rd March:          National Museum of Ireland, Kildare St    

10th March:        Talk & Display: “Times Remembered”
Speaker: Colin Scudds
- Author & Local Historian

29 January 2015  (By Niamh Daly  4L)

This week in Transition Year:    5 - 9 January 2015

On Tuesday the 6th of January, the 4th Years had the first rehearsal for the play “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.  This play is a collaboration between the Loreto girls and C.B.C. Monkstown boys.  It took place in the hall in C.B.C.  We were given scripts with the lyrics of each song.  We sang alongside a piano, hearing what some of the songs sound like for the first time.  Some of the songs include “Close Every Door” and “Go Go Go Joseph”.    We all really enjoyed the rehearsal and we are excited to have go back to C.B.C. to continue practicing for the annual play.

During school this week, we did an experiment in Biology.  It was to look into how an enzyme breaks down proteins.  We did two experiments, one that tested the accuracy of detergents saying they are biological and then non-biological.  Our results showed that the biological detergent works better to clean stains as it breaks down the protein while the non-biological does not.  The other experiment involved using the yolk of a boiled egg to see if the two types of detergents would break down the protein present in it.  Again, the protein in the yolk broke down in the biological substance rather than in the non-biological.

tyjan01 tyjan02


16 December 2014 - TY Photo  (TY Business Class)

TY Business Trip to EU Parliament Information Office - 11 December 2014

ty business trip to EU parliament info office dec 2014

15 December 2014 - TY News  (4R Class)

TY Musical, Outing & Christmas Exams

The Musical - The Transition Year musical is an annual event for Loreto Foxrock. Our school combines with CBC Monkstown to put on an amazing production. For the 2014-2015 musical we are putting on a production of “Joseph”. The auditions have already happened. Congratulations to the following TY students who have earned the leading roles - Well done to Jessica Viola, Eva Glynn, Sinéad McLaughlin, Sophie Griffith and Valena Hickey. Best of luck to all TY students with the rehearsals .

The Outing - On Tuesday 9th December, all TY students and their tutors went down to Dun Laoghaire to go to a performance by Ger Carey on “Life as a Transition Year student”. We set off on the 46A and we all had an hour of free time before the show started. Most people went to Insomnia or Starbucks to warm up with a hot chocolate or coffee. We then headed for the Pavilion Theatre. There were Transition Year students from different schools at the show as well. Ger (the comedian) focused mainly on school life, students and relationships. He had everyone in stitches from laughter. There was something for everyone in the show and everybody had a great time. We then had about forty minutes after the show to get lunch. Everyone made their way back to school and we were back by 14.10.

The Christmas Exams - Transition Years began their Christmas Exams on Friday 28th November, starting off with Spanish. We did exams in English, Irish, Maths, German, French, History, Geography, Business, Science (Biology/ Physics/

Chemistry) and Home Ec. depending on what subjects we chose to do for the year. In general, all of the exams seemed to go well among students and we are all ready for the Christmas holidays!!

10 December 2014 - TY Broadcast Module   (Mr Tracey)

4R Voxpops - Broadcast Journalism


Mr Tracey's 4R 'Broadcast Module' class have been busy putting together voxpops as part of their broadcast journalism.  Have a listen by clicking on the links below:

4th Year Expectations


Irish Compulsory

The Word 'Girl'

 7 November 2014 - TY News   (Ms McGettrick)

This Week in Transition Year

This week was our first week back after the October mid-term holidays.  During the week before the mid-term break, TY students all went on their first bout of work experience in areas ranging from Croke Park to hospitals to work shadowing in local primary schools.

There have been many new activities on for us to try.  On Tuesday a large group of TY students went to Comhairle na N-Og which was held in Stillorgan.  We also attended a presentation by two women from AIB Bank about the 'Build a Bank Challenge'.   4th Years take part in this worthwhile project every year.  We learned that we will be running a small bank for the students of our school for the duration of the year.  Some students were lucky enough to attend the 'Web Summit' on Tuesday evening in the RDS.

On Wednesday the under 16s Gaelic team played a match against St. Columcilles .... which they unfortunately lost.  On Friday afternoon all TY students went on a 10km Charity Walk in aid of My Canine Companion which is this year's chosen TY charity.  The walk started in Clontarf and finished in Howth.

dublin coast 01 ty outing november

dublin coast 02

  10 October 2014 - TY News   

This Week in Transition Year
This week was a very busy week for us as the school’s Open Evening was on Thursday night. This night gave 4th Class students in local primary schools the opportunity to visit Loreto College with their parents.
Transition Year students helped prepare for this by making posters to hang around the school, baking tasters for our visitors (as an example of what we do in the culinary skills module) and by making powerpoint presentations to present what we have done this year so far. We also demonstrated a game of bridge, modelled outfits from our fashion module and much more.
This week was also History Week which is very interesting as there was a history museum set up in the library of items brought in by students of the school. All years were taken to visit the exhibition during the week. There was also a range of guest speakers including the Head of History in UCD, Professor Diarmaid Ferriter, who came into our school on Friday to talk about World War 1.
This week many Mini Companies have started to sell their products around the school. Ice cream and Halloween goody bags were sold on Friday at lunch. Transition Years are also getting very excited and nervous about work experience starting next week. Overall this week was a hectic but enjoyable one.

tyoct01 tyoct02


2 October 2014 - TY News    (By Molly Furey)

This Week in Transition Year

This week in Transition Year, a lot of exciting things happened for us:
Firstly, we had a speaker in on Monday to help us understand what we can get out of 4th Year. Also on Monday, our class took part in a fencing tournament for our module. On Wednesday our class continued on with training for a 10km run in which we will take part to raise money for the charity ‘My Canine Companion’. On Thursday, we carried out an experiment in Physics regarding nano science. On Friday, our class continued on with our song-writing module, finishing off the lyrics and melody of our song. On Saturday, we attended a Chinese exhibition in UCD to display the work we had done so far in our module and also to see what work other schools and colleges have been doing while studying Chinese.

chinesedisplayty small

Chinese Display

2 October 2014 - Cúinne na Gaeilge    (Le Alison Keane)

Cúinne na Gaeilge

‘Beidh scéal mór na seactaine ag teacht chugaibh chuile seachtain ó 4L.’

Ceathrar á gceistiú faoi €80m de chocaon.

De reir na pólíní ghabh said Sasanach i Leeds, aréir. Cheistigh said é faoi na drugaí a aimsíodh ar an mbád ‘Mayakabella. In iomlán ghabh na pólíní ceathrar a raibh bad acu leis na drugaí. D’aimsigh na pólíní an bád amach ó cósta na hÉireann. Tuigtear go raibh na drugaí ar a mbealach ó Méiriceá Theas go Sasana. Bhí comhoirdiniú idir roinnt pólíní i dtíorthá eagsule an bád seo 250 míle ó dheas de Chosta Chorcaí.

 30 September 2014 - TY Photo   (Mountain Climbing!)

TY Students Climb the Highest Mountain in Dublin

Well done girls!!

tymountainclimb small

 30 September 2014 - TY Photo   (UCD Confucius Day)

4L at UCD Confucius Day

Featured below ...  4L at UCD Conducius Day last Saturday.  Well done to all who attended and exhibited their Chinese work!

confuciusdayucd small


 September 2014 - TY Photos  (Kippure Trip - Photos courtesy of Ms McGettrick)

TY Trip - Kippure

At the beginning of September, all Transition Year students enjoyed an adventure trip to Kippure in Co Wicklow.  Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days.  Here's some of the photos - we think you'll get the general idea!

kippure01 small kippure02 small
kippure04 small kippure05 small
kippure07 small kippure09 small
kippure08 small  kippure03 small
kippure06 small kippure10 small


September 2014 - TY News  (By:  Noor Bari & Sinéad Belton   4E)

Amazing Brains

On Monday all the TY classes participated in the amazing brains program which was about entrepreneurship.  We were placed into teams of four and had a number of challenges to complete including producing an egg holder with the materials provided and selling them on and designing/ making head pieces promoting fair trade.


amazing brains small


 September 2014 - TY News  (By:  Noor Bari & Sinéad Belton   4E)

Local Studies Trip

On Tuesday, the TY students of 4E went on a trip to the National Art Gallery of Ireland for our Local Studies module.  We saw beautiful pieces by artists such as Picasso, Beit and Vermeer.  We were brought around the building by a brilliant tour guide who gave us plenty of interesting information about the paintings or photographs, and the history of the artists.  It was a new experience for some of the class and we had never been to the National Art Gallery before.  We all really enjoyed ourselves and are thankful we had the opportunity to visit the building.

artgallery01 small    artgallery02 small


4E Field Study Powerpoint- 4E Field Study Lugduff Brook, Glendalough, Co Wicklow  on 19th November 2013

 4T TY LOCAL STUDIES - 25 February – 25 March 2014

25th February:                  Talk: “Dun Laoghaire & its Environs”     
Speaker: Colin Scudds - Dun Laoghaire Historical Society

4th March:                          Comenius Students – “Dun Laoghaire Seafront”
                                              Guide: Colin Scudds - Dun Laoghaire Historical Society

11th March:                        Talk: “The 1913 Lockout”
Speaker: David O' Driscoll - Youth Connect, Irish Congress of Trade Unions

18th March:                        Guided Walk of Deansgrange Cemetery
Guide: M O’Flaherty

25th March:                        Talk: Stillorgan Obelisk & Grotto
Speaker: Patrick Sheridan - Kilmacud Stillorgan Historical Society

Transition Year Team Building – September 2013

Transition Year

Our Transition Year students have had an action-packed start to the new school year, with a two day ‘team building’ trip to Gartan Adventure Centre near Letterkenny in Donegal. All 118 students and five staff met up in the school at 6am on Thursday 12th and travelled on buses to their north-western destination. Activities during the two days included such diverse pursuits as kayaking, raft building, rock climbing …. And a night line! …wherein some girls ended up in a lake!! Indoors on Thursday night and X-factor came to life, with each group providing entertainment for the staff and other girls. What a great way to start the year and thanks to the teachers who travelled with the girls.

Careers Evening

On Tuesday the 13th of October all Transition year students attended a carers evening. Past pupils from Loreto Foxrock came and told us about the courses that they are studying in a range of colleges. This night opened our eyes into all of the options for college and our careers for the future.

Work Experience

Starting on October the 19th all Transition year students started their first week of work experience. This week showed us what our future jobs might be like; it also has given us the sense of a real working week. There was a wide variety of areas people were experiencing. For example people were working in Primary schools, Law firms, Sales and marketing, Vets, RTE and Engineering Companies.

Transition Year Team Building September 2013

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