Loreto College Foxrock Student Council Constitution

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1          Aims and Objectives

1.1              To facilitate partnership between students, staff and administration of the school.

1.2              To provide a channel for students’ contribution to decision making in the school.

1.3              To ensure that through their representatives, students may make their voices heard in regard to issues of concern to them in school.

1.4              To promote projects which are beneficial to the school community and that foster positive relations among the student population.

  1. Elections and Composition

2.1              Elections will be held in May prior to the academic year in which the Council will sit for Second, Third, Transition, Fifth and Sixth Year representatives. First Year representatives will have their elections during the first term of the academic year in which the Council will sit.

2.2              The Council will sit for one year.

2.3              The Council will comprise of 18 members, which will normally include three representatives from each year group from First to Sixth Year.

2.4              The Student Council will appoint a Chairperson on a rotating basis from among the 4th, 5th and 6th Year representatives.

2.5              The rota for the Chair will be drawn up at the first Council meeting of the year.

2.6              The Student Council will appoint a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Vice-Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, PRO Officer and Deputy PRO at the first Council meeting of the year.

2.7              The Council will elect other officers and sub-committees as necessary.

2.8              A Council member whose contribution to the work of the Council is consistently inadequate may be removed by a majority of ten other members.

2.9              A representative who fails to attend Council meetings on two or more occasions will be obliged to resign unless in a case of illness certified by a doctor or in other exceptional circumstances.

2.10          Students elected to the Council are obliged to attend the training day provided by the school for the incoming Council. Non attendance will render a student ineligible to serve on the Council.

2.11          Should a seat become vacant on the Council for any reason, the student will be replaced by the next candidate on the election list from her year.

  1. Meetings

3.1              Meetings will be held at least once every three weeks. Additional meetings may be arranged by the Council in consultation with the Staff Liaison Officer (SLO).

3.2              Ten members will constitute a quorum for a Council meeting.

3.3              Meetings will be attended by a member of staff, to be known as the Staff Liaison Officer.

3.4              Meetings will be held outside class hours and will be scheduled by the Council with the agreement of the SLO. Only in exceptional circumstances will the schedule be altered.

3.5              Under no circumstances may individual students or teachers be discussed at meetings. Issues of a disciplinary, academic or personal nature concerning any individual in the school are deemed to be strictly outside the scope of the Council.

3.6              The agenda for each meeting must be displayed on the Student Council notice board, for one week in advance of the meeting.

3.7              Issues for the agenda must be submitted not less than one week before a meeting and must be approved by the Council in consultation with the SLO.

3.8              Decisions made at meetings along with the date of the following meeting must be posted on the notice board within one week after meetings take place.

3.9              No decisions regarding the management or running of the school may be made by the Student Council. Delegates from the Council may make recommendations to the Principal or Deputy Principal by appointment through her/his secretary.

3.10          Students of the school who are not members of the Council may attend the meeting by signing a participation form at the notice board.

3.11          At least one meeting per month shall be an open meeting for the student community to participate and put forward their ideas.

  1. Finance

4.1              Should the Student Council need to raise or handle funds either for administration or as part of a project undertaken for the school, the treasurer will present them for audit by the school accountant in June of each year.

4.2              Bank or Post Office accounts will be opened in the name of the Student Council, Loreto College, Foxrock.

4.3              Administration of finances will be governed by the Articles of Management for Voluntary Secondary Schools. All fund raising must be approved by the Board of Management.

  1. Constitution

5.1              This Constitution is provisional and will be subject to review each year. After its review, it will be sent to the Board of Management for ratification.

5.2              Changes to the Constitution may be initiated by the Student Council and may be made only after consultation with the students in the school.

5.3              The School’s Code of Behaviour for Students policy applies at all times to Student Council matters.

This Constitution was ratified by the Board of Management on 15th March 2013.

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