Readers' & Writers' Week 2017

Our 11th annual Readers' & Writers' Week took place from 23 – 27 October.  This special week is a festival of readers and reading, writers and writing, the written and spoken word and fun activities.  Enjoyed by all – students and staff alike - we immersed ourselves in talks and workshops, ‘Spelling Bees’, ‘Creative Writing’ competitions, ‘Art’ competitions, ‘The Great Book Bake Off’, 'Fiction Friday Fancy Dress' and much more.  What an enjoyable week!


A big ‘Thank You’ to our guests:

  • Mark Talbot & Mary McCarthy (MS Ireland) who visited during the week before our official Readers’ & Writers’ week.  They met with our 1st Years and gave a fascinating and moving insight into multiple sclerosis – in preparation for the 1st Year participation in this year’s MS ReadaThon.
  • Ré Ó Laighleis (writer) who entertained our 6th Years with great humour and moving readings from his works.
  • Oisín McGann  (writer & illustrator)  2nd Years were treated to a very humourous and interesting morning in the company of Oisín.  He also completed a fabulous drawing of one of his characters and gave it to the school.
  • Denise Deegan (writer) met with two of our 5th Year classes.  Denise’s latest book ‘Through the Barricades’ is a love story set in the years just before and during WWI.   Denise also conducted a short workshop containing many useful tips for their own creative writing. 
  • Deirdre Sullivan (writer) visited two 5th Year classes and has recently won the Irish Book Award for her book ‘Tangleweed and Brine’ in the Young Adult category.  Her passion and good humour made for a very lively and hugely enjoyable afternoon talk.
  • Colin Keegan (performance poet / former Writer in residence DLRCO) spent the final day of the week with us and conducted a series of poetry workshops with our 3rd Years.  The interactive workshops captivated and carried the students through composing their own work and producing a poetry which everyone shared with the group.
  • Claire Keegan (award-winning writer) visited the school just after mid-term.  She read from her remarkable book ‘Foster’, currently being studied by our 5th Years.  There was then a lively Q & A session.  It was a pleasure to be in the audience for Claire’s inspiring talk.
  • Niall de Búrca (storyteller) is no stranger to our school.  We were delighted to welcome him once again on Fiction Friday and we were not disappointed.  His wonderfully atmospheric performances had us at times laughing, at others nervously balanced on the edge of our seats.  A fitting end to our week!!

R & W Week Competitions

Creative Writing

Creative Writing


Eva Stewart  (2 Ward)



Louisa Jiang  (2 Ward)





Ruth Sampson  (2 Poyntz)



Finola Doyle  (2 Ward)

Art Competitions

My Favourite Book


Finola Doyle  (2 Ward)



Polly Buckley  (2 Rookwood)



Aoibhin Brennan  (2 Rookwood)



Amelie Cojocaru  (2 Poyntz)



‘One’ Book Cover (judged by the author)

Joint Winner

Nicole Treacey  (4O)


Joint Winner

Jessica Barry  (2 Poyntz)

Great Book Bake-Off Competition

Senior Group


Niamh Sheehan  (6A)  &  Emily O’Neill  (6C)



Junior Group


Laura Glynn  &  Andreea Crowe  (2 Ward)



Ruth Colbert  &  Lara Cluskey  (1 Babthorpe)



Junior Individual


Isabelle de la Fonteijne  (2 Poyntz)



Jessica Oakley O’Kelly  (2 Babthorpe)



Zara Berstock  (2 Poyntz)

Spelling Bee Competitions

Senior  (5th & 6th Year)


Emma Dunne  (6E)



Cathy Culligan  (6C)



Junior  (2nd & 3rd Year)


Polly Buckley  (2 Rookwood)



Ruth Sampson  (2 Poyntz)



1st Year


Sienna O’Riordan  (1 Ward)



Lauren Walsh  (1 Rookwood)





Fancy Dress



Caragh McGowan  (1 Poyntz)



Sabrina Luong  (2 Babthorpe)





6th Years

'One School One Book' 2017-18


This year, everyone in our school enjoyed a wonderful week of reading from 11th - 15th September.  During the last 10 minutes of each class during the week everyone 'downed tools' and picked up their books - the fabulous 'One' by Sarah Crossan.  Overall, it is safe to say, it was a big hit with students and staff alike, and across all year groups.  An unusual and difficult theme, that of the lives and fate of conjoined twins, is beautifully and sensitively handled by the author.  The story of Tippi and Grace truly touched our hearts!


Loreto Foxrock Receives 'WellRead National Award'!


We are delighted to announce that our school has successfully achieved the PDST Wellread Award, making us a 'Wellread School 2017-2020'. 

One of the more enjoyable aspects of school life, our Wellread journey took us 'around the world' in search of international authors; into the unique worlds of Roald Dahl on the 100th anniversary of his birth; out into our local community in partnership with Dubray Books; mention a few.  At the same time, it brought us an engaging mix of novelists, poets and journalists, as well as a sense of solidarity and common purpose involving the whole school community.  Thanks to everyone for supporting all the initiatives during the year.

Follow us on @WellReadFoxrock on Twitter to see our journey this year.

Great Reads Awards Ceremony - 17th February

A group of 1st Year students, accompanied by Ms Keating and Ms Morrissey, attended the inaugural awards ceremony for the 'Great Reads Awards' which was held in The King's Hospital School this morning (Friday 17th Feb).  We were treated to a highly entertaining ceremony hosted by the wonderful Paul Howard.  Many of the shortlisted writers were at the event and everyone got to meet and talk to them.  The formalities were followed by refreshments and meeting the writers.  It was a wonderful occasion enjoyed by all.

The Senior award was won by Lisa Williamson for her incredible book 'The Art of Being Normal', while the Junior award was won by Moira Fowley-Doyle for her imaginative and intriguing 'The Accident Season'.  Dave Rudden won a special prize for 'the most read book' for his 'Knights of the Borrowed Dark'

5th Year Book Speed Dating - St Valentine's Day

book speed dating

For more photos follow us on @WellReadFoxrock

Well Read in January!


first month first lines

Our Christmas Book Tree!

Happy Christmas to all our students, staff, parents and local community!

Thank you from all of us to a great group of 3rd Years who spent their lunch times this week (5 - 9 Dec) building our 'Book Tree' in the library.  We think you'll agree they did an amazing job!  Building 'lessons' were followed on 'youtube'; an unknown!!?? number of books were used in the construction and....... well, what a stunning outcome!
Can you guess how many books were used in our Book Tree?
A very special thank you to 'Project leaders' Sophie Coffey and Lydia Flanagan for their energy, their enthusiasm and for giving up their time so generously.  Thanks also to the wider team involved - Brooke Conlon, Inez Gadula, Naoise Finnie, Ellie Bruem, Keeley Flynn, Cristina Fitzgerald.

Here's a look back at some of the stages in the building process!

WIN 20161209 15 17 09 Pro 
WIN 20161209 15 17 50 Pro 
 WIN 20161206 14 21 19 Pro
 WIN 20161206 15 46 08 Pro
 WIN 20161206 15 47 18 Pro
 WIN 20161206 15 48 02 Pro
 WIN 20161208 13 40 10 Pro
 WIN 20161208 13 43 01 Pro
 WIN 20161209 14 04 54 Pro
 WIN 20161208 13 43 18 Pro
 WIN 20161208 13 43 27 Pro  WIN 20161208 13 46 15 Pro

Readers' & Writers' Week 2016

Banned books Rick OShea full tweet exchange
Chalkline BAKE OFF
RW Week wall Dahls Witches teachers


Readers' & Writers' Week in October is an annual treat-fest for students and teachers alike as librarian Helen Morrissey's glittering programme of literary events, devised in conjunction with the English Dept., springs to life.  Storytellers, YA writers, journalists, performance poets, broadcasters and novelists graced our library for the week, culminating in the prize givings, Great Book Bake off displays and all-out Fancy Dress as a Literary Character melee on Friday. 

rick oshea 01 P1030024
P1030054 P1030007
P1030077 P1030075


First up we welcomed Catherine Ann Cullen (award-winning poet, radio dramatist, children’s writer, short story writer) on Friday 21st.   5th Years were treated to poetry readings and a reading from Catherine’s award-winning children’s book ‘The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat’.

Second Years could not believe their luck on Monday, when they were given an audience with writer, Jane Mitchell, whose Kashmir-set book, Chalkline, is on the curriculum this year AND a documentary screening in the afternoon. Critically acclaimed, Spellbound, proved so enjoyable they scarcely noticed it was chosen largely to spike a surge in motivation for the legendary, in-house annual Spelling Bees later in the week.

Before heading out on work experience, Transition Years were taken by surprise in a thrilling afternoon in the company of performance poet John Cummins. An energetic and spirited event with much spontaneous laughter and applause.

3rd Years spent their time in the company of two of Ireland’s fascinating storytellers (Helena Byrne & Nuala Hayes). They were enchanted by old Irish legends, myths, fables & folklore and tales of magic, fairies, ghosts and various macabre events.

1st Years were thoroughly captivated by the sensational Dave Rudden. With awesome talent, he recited passages from his debut novel, ‘Knights of the Borrowed Dark’ - recently nominated for the Irish Book Awards. Great fun was had by all and the book has been a real ‘hit’ with the girls since Dave’s visit.

P1030033 P1030014
P1020998 P1030073
P1030003 P1030086


6th Years had a fascinating insight into the world of journalism in the company of Kitty Holland who spoke of her ‘journalism journey’ and answered a host of questions on some of the stories she has covered.  

The last day, and the school was a sea of colour and imagination for Fiction Friday Fancy Dress.   6th Years (in ‘Zombie’ costume and make-up) revelled in the company of Rick O’Shea. Rick kindly agreed to be interviewed by the girls and the event was more than ably facilitated by Alison Keane.

The Spelling Bee finals convinced us that we have some amazing spellers in our ranks. Thanks to the 3rd Year Spelling Bee committee for a wonderful job in the lead up to the final and on the day itself. Well done to the winners!

Well done to all who dressed up and who entered the various competitions and of course to all the prize-winners.

Creative Writing:

1st Year Poetry:   Winner:   Finola Doyle  (1 Ward)      2nd place:   Sarah O'Doherty  (1 Ward)

1st Year Story:    Winner:   Kate Eiffe  (1 Poyntz)        2nd place:   Phoebe Freeman  (1 Poyntz)  

Junior Story Winner:   Sophie Coffey  (3 Babthorpe)

Junior Poetry Winner:   Niamh Carlin  (3 Wigmore) 

Art Poster

1st Prize:  Ella McGarry  (2 Ward)

2nd Prize:  Lauren O'Sullivan  (2 Babthorpe)

3rd Prize:  Rachel Stephens  (2 Babthorpe)

4th Prize:  Katie Murphy  (1 Ward)

Chalkline Poster

1st Prize:  Juliet Cibi  (2 Rookwood)

2nd Prize:  Rebecca Hill  (2 Ward)

Spelling Bee

Senior:   1st place:  Sinead Conaty (5D)     2nd place:  Orla Fenton (5E)   3rd place:  Eva Glynn (6A)  

Junior:    1st place:  Sophie Coffey  (3 Bab)   2nd place:  Chloe O'Hanlon  (3 Wig)   3rd place:  Anna Fitzpatrick  (2 Poy)  

1st Year:  1st place:  Orla O'Brien (1 Ward)   2nd place:  Isabelle Marie (1 Bab)   3rd place:  Sabrina Luong (1 Bab)

Fancy Dress

Individual:    1st place:  Sabrina Luong (1 Bab)   2nd place:  Megan McCarthy (5E)   3rd place:  Daisy Ibi  (1 Ward)

Group:   1st place:   6th Years  'Zombies'    2nd place:  5th Years  'Peaky Blinders'   3rd place:  3rd Years 'Rugby'

             4th place:   3rd Years 'Polka Dot Girls'

Great Book Bake-Off  

Senior:   1st prize:  Jennifer Flanagan (5A)  'The Lion King'

              Joint runners-up:   Niamh Sheehan (5A) & Eimear Sullivan (5C)  'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'

                                         Niamh Cotter (5E)  'Oompah Loompah' cake

Junior:  Group:   Elsa Norlin (1 Rookwood)  & Amy Scully (1 Poyntz)  'Charlotte's Web'

            Individual:   Isabelle de la Fonteijne  (1 Poyntz)   'Roald Dahl.  Matilda'


P1030039 P1030050
P1030057 P1030059
P1030061 P1030064
P1030085 P1030025




Roald Dahl Day - 13th September 2016

On Tuesday 13th September, we celebrated Roald Dahl Day with fun activities in class and at the library.  We had quizzes, games, film screenings and decorative bunting, and the highlight of the day were the golden tickets, hidden at random under seats in classrooms throughout the school.  And of course, there were prizes for those who found the golden tickets.  Thanks to Ms Lea, Ms Corcoran, Ms Barragry and Ms Keating from the English department and to Ms Morrissey (Librarian) for all the good times.  Enjoy below a selection of photos of the day:











One School, One Book Week 2016

This year, we celebrated our 'One School One Book Week' from 12 - 16 September.  Our book, No and Me by Delphine de Vigan was winner of the prestigious Booksellers’ Prize in France.  It is a timely and thought-provoking novel about homelessness that has far-reaching appeal.  Strong characters, a focus on friendships/relationships and a contemporary storyline add up to an engaging and interesting read. 
Reading took place each day for the last 10 minutes of each class, with many students finishing the book before the end of the week.  Overall it was a very successful variation on our earlier projects and both students and staff enjoyed the experience immensely.

no and me

Book Club - 1st & 2nd Years

On Tuesday 8th March 2016, the first meeting of the new 'Book Club' for 1st & 2nd Years took place in the library.  Discussion centred firstly on ideas surrounding book club activities apart from the obvious regular reading.  Book Club members expressed an interest in attending book related events, author talks etc. and this will form the basis for those activities next year.  Then there was a discussion of various books as possible 'reads' for this month and the  book selected is Harper Lee's 'Go Set a Watchman'. 

go set a watchman

The next meeting of the Book Club will take place on Tuesday 5th April at 1.25pm in the library.  Any 1st or 2nd Years are very welcome to come along! 

Readers' & Writers' Week 2015

What a great week!  All year groups were treated to a talk/workshop/discussion followed by a 'storytelling' session on 'Fiction Friday' - courtesy of the wonderful Niall de Búrca (Storyteller).  Many thanks Niall - it wouldn't be the same without you.  We were delighted to welcome eight writers to our school during the week, and they made the whole event very special indeed.  Along with Niall, we welcomed Jane Mitchell, Áine Ní Ghlinn, Natasha Mac 'a Bhaird, Louise O'Neill, Claire Keegan, Colin Keegan (poet & performer) & Stephen James Smith (poet & performer).

Events and competitions were run each day during the week.  Watch these pages for the results, which will be announced shortly. 

See below for a 'flavour' of what goes on in Loreto Foxrock during Readers' & Writers' Week........Enjoy!!

P1020529 P1020531
P1020528 P1020527
P1020526 P1020523
P1020519 P1020517
P1020513 P1020511
P1020502 P1020499
 P1020496  P1020492
 P1020490  P1020488
 P1020487  P1020486
 P1020483  P1020484
P1020481 P1020474
 P1020465  P1020460
 P1020455  P1020465
 P1020454  P1020452
P1020450 P1020443
P1020442 P1020432
P1020431 P1020420
P1020410 P1020406
P1020386 P1020380
P1020375 P1020377
 P1020485  P1020533
P1020522 P1020515
P1020514 P1020512
P1020508 P1020491
P1020489 P1020476
P1020469 P1020378

The Library
Our comfortable, spacious library, located on the first floor of the new building, is easily accessible by all. Study desks, group work tables, ICT workstations and easy chairs provide ideal functionality for reading, studying and research. Fitted data projector and screen enable the space to be used for viewings and talks.

The school library exists to serve the needs of the whole school community - to support effective curriculum delivery and to promote, support and enable reading for pleasure. With this in mind, we provide access to traditional and electronic resources.

Currently the library holds approximately 10,000 fiction and information books. There are 1500 video and audio tapes, as well as periodicals, leaflets, pamphlets, maps, information packs and daily newspapers. Annual subscriptions are taken on fifteen journals.

The main book stock is divided into Fiction, Reference and Information sections. The fiction section is well stocked, with a wide range of both classic and contemporary titles. Books in this section, which can be borrowed, cater for both the younger and older teenagers, as well as adult readers. The information books cover a wide range of subject areas - both curricular and extra-curricular - and can all be borrowed. Books in this section are organised according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Reference books are always available for use.

The library is open throughout the school day until 4.30pm. Students may use the library during their free time, and lunchtimes are always very busy. Teachers bring their classes to the library for reading, research and project work. Student swipe cards are used with the library system allowing students to borrow.

First Year students undergo a series of Library classes with the full-time Librarian during which they learn how the library is organised and how to find information using a variety of sources. There is a special emphasis on reading during the MS ReadaThon and while preparing for Readers’ & Writers’ Week.

The library has 12 workstations along with a supply of laptops. WiFi is available.
Library management is fully automated and we use the OLIVER library management software system.

There is a scanner, a laminator, a copy/printer & colour printer. The library therefore serves as a resource centre, an information centre, a learning centre, a viewing centre and a production centre.



Facilities – Library

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