‘Uniformity’ Sale Week

‘Uniformity’ will hold a Sale Week in its shop for Loreto College Foxrock from Monday, 16th – Friday, 20th June 2014. There will be a 10% discount on all uniform and sports items.

Second Hand Uniform & Book Sale

The Parents’ School Association will hold a second hand uniform and book sale on Friday, 20th June 2014 from 1.00 - 3.00 pm in the school sports hall.

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The schedule for the Summer Fair is as follows;

2.20pm:    4 students from 1Rook, 1Poy1Wig & each TY group will set up the canteen.

2.40pm:   Remaining students from above class groups come to canteen.

3pm:        Parents arrive

From 3.30pm:   Remaining 1st Yr groups & 2nd Yr welcome to attend fair, with permission from teacher.

3.50pm:    3rd Yrs welcome to attend with permission from their teachers.

4pm:    5th & 6th Years welcome to attend. 

Can teachers please supervise their class groups in the canteen. 

Teachers welcome to shop from 3pm - be ready for some hard bargaining!

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This year's Camino trip involved walking the final section of the Portuguese Way (Tui to Santiago). On April 24th, 26 TY students and three teachers departed Dublin Airport with high hopes, heavy bags (some more than others!) and pristine feet. 5 days and 100km later we hobbled into Santiago in various states of dilapidation. But, blisters and sore muscles aside, it was a wonderful trip.






The girls faced every challenge with grit, humour and let’s face it, some pain relief!! Day One from Porrino to Arcade was a battle of the elements as the Galician weather unleashed its fury. It was a sodden group that arrived at the hostel but there is something to be said for the restorative powers of chocolate and pringles ("it's sooo cheap")! It was a rather damp departure for the second day of walking......a mammoth 35 km day that began with what can only described as an exhibition of stretching on the streets of Arcade! It was during this day that the blisters made themselves known, with a number of students demonstrating the renowned 'pilgrim's walk'......a style somewhat akin to John Wayne mixed with an emperor penguin. Students used various devices to coax and cajole themselves throughout the day.....though the use of a Zac Efron centrefold to inspire one blistered lady was definitely a departure from the norm! Others resorted to prayer and still others decided that rap was the best forum for expressing ones displeasure with the burning sensation on the soles of the feet. That said, the weather was kind and the more rural scenery and contemplative forest paths made this a truly memorable day.





The old town of Ponte-Vedra was a highlight for many students and with the ongoing Easter festivities, we had an opportunity to partake in some traditional Galician dancing and song (and in some cases, offer our own interpretation!). Caldas del Reys was a welcome sight at days end but the promise of a 'paltry' 20km the following day lifted the mood. And so it was that we trekked to the town of Padron for the last day of their Easter celebrations. It was fortuitous indeed to arrive for a classic Spanish fiesta and all thoughts of tired limbs and swollen feet were discarded amongst the stalls, music, celebration and vibrancy of the town and its people. The group experienced its own 'resurrection' as it became Padron's very own 'rent a crowd'........rocking out to the rhythm of 'Diego' and his band before storming the stage with an impromptu performance of 'ole, ole' and Molly Malone.



A few short hours later the group rose for a pre-dawn commencement of the last phase of the journey into Santiago. Headlamps scoured the paths and walls for the ubiquitous yellow arrows and great attention was given to the mile-markers denoting distance to the city- the countdown was on. Night turned to day and drizzle gave way to......well, more drizzle. The group was strung out slightly- the pace dictated largely by the efficiency of one's hobbling.

The aim was to make it to Santiago in time for the 'Pilgrim's Mass'.....the pace inevitably slowed as the miles took their toll but so too the sense of anticipation grew. Cresting one hill, Santiago with its spires and belfries emerged from the gloom- nearly there! One last effort and we arrived for the mass with minutes to spare. The ceremony was largely in Spanish but the message was universal and as the final blessing was given, those present were treated to the spectacle of the famous incense burner being hoisted high and swung the breadth of the church. It was nice to share this moment with other pilgrims from all over the world, different by virtue of age and hue, but united by shared experience.


A wonderful journey, the memories of which will remain undimmed long after the muscle pain has gone and the blisters healed. Well done to all involved.

Ms Ryan

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Thanks to Katelyn Fairley for sending on this group photo from the 'Camino' walk.  By tomorrow, the girls and their teachers will have covered 120km in five days.  Well done to all!


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Friendship Week  24 - 28 March 2014.

The Leadership Team, the Student Council and the Drama Club worked together on a fun-packed Friendship Week.

The aim of the week was to promote friendship and a positive atmosphere in the school community.

(The Cup Song - video produced and sent to us by Grace McNamara 6th Year)

A number of 1st, 2nd and 5th Years worked on producing a colourful poster for the lunchroom.  During the week, all tutor classes signed a ‘hand’ with each student’s signature on it.  Each tutor class then stuck the hands onto the poster to underline their commitment to supporting a friendly atmosphere in our school.

Each day of the week had a theme ranging from ‘Turn Right Tuesday’ (which saw all manner of twisting and turning on the corridors!) to ‘High Five Friday’.

The Drama Club put on a very enjoyable production for all years during lunchtime on Monday and Thursday.  They examined themes which encouraged inclusion and respect in friendship in an entertaining yet educational manner.

One of the highlights of the week was the performance of the ‘cup song’ on Friday in the Sports Hall.  The entire school gathered together to perform the song in unison using both a mixture of clapping and cups!

Many thanks to all those involved who helped to make the week such an enjoyable one for the students.

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Seachtain na Gaeilge

10ú-14ú Márta 2014

D’éirigh go sármhaith le Féile Sheachtain na Gaeilge i gColáiste Loreto i gCarraig an tSionnaigh. Bhain na daltaí ard-taitneamh as na gníomhaíochtaí go léir.

a1sx2_Original1_seachtainnagaeilge11.jpg a1sx2_Original1_seachtainnagaeilge10.jpg a1sx2_Original1_seachtainnagaeilge09.jpg a1sx2_Original1_seachtainnagaeilge08.jpg

Cúpla seachtain roimh ré, d’eagraigh na cinnirí t-léinte ildaite do na scoláirí agus do na múinteoirí agus caitheadh iad i rith na seachtaine. Ina theannta sin, chuir na cinnirí mórán imeachtaí ar siúl ag am lóin; céilí agus tráth na gceist ina measc.

Baineadh geit mhór as daltaí na hIdirbhliana nuair a bailíodh iad i halla na scoile agus cuireadh ciorcal cainte ar siúl dóibh leis na buachaillí ó Choláiste Thír an Iúir Duibhe. Ba mhór an chraic agus an spraoi a bhí acu.

Ar an gCéadaoin, cuireadh ranganna yoga as Gaeilge ar siúl do mhic-léinn ón dara, tríú, cúigiú agus séú bliain. Gan amhras, bhí atmaisféar leictreach sa halla go háirithe nuair a bhí péirí éagsúla ag eitilt san aer cosúil le ‘Superman’!

Thóraigh na ranganna uilig an taisce i rith na seachtaine agus thaitin an cupán tae agus píog úll leis na daltaí go léir chomh maith.

Ag deireadh na seachtaine, tugadh duaiseanna do na daltaí agus múinteoirí a d’úsáid an Ghaeilge i rith na seachtaine! Gan amhras, ba mhion-Ghaeltacht í an scoil agus míle buíochas do na múinteoirí, cinnirí agus daltaí uilig a thaispeáin gur ‘beatha teanga í a labhairt’.

a1sx2_Original1_seachtainnagaeilge07.jpg a1sx2_Original1_seachtainnagaeilge06.jpg a1sx2_Original1_seachtainnagaeilge05.jpg a1sx2_Original1_seachtainnagaeilge03.jpg a1sx2_Original1_seachtainnagaeilge01.jpg a1sx2_Original1_seachtainnagaeilge02.jpg

Loreto College, Foxrock became a mini-Ghaeltacht during Seachtain na Gaeilge this year with a wide range of events organised to turn the school ‘green’.

The 5th Year Cinnirí began their preparations for the week by ordering t-shirts ‘as Gaeilge’ for both students and teachers. They also organised a number of activities which included a lunchtime quiz, a céilí and yoga as Gaeilge. The yoga with Ciarán from Óga Yoga was a big hit with the students from 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th Year who took part.

4th Year students were in for a big surprise when they were gathered in the hall to meet students from Terenure College to take part in a ciorcal cainte! After their initial shock, it didn’t take long for the ‘cúpla focal’ to blossom!

Other activities included a treasure hunt, song contest, poster competition and cupán tae & apple pie gatherings ‘as Gaeilge’.

At the end of the week, prizes were awarded to those who had contributed to the successful week. Many thanks to all of the staff and students who made a fantastic effort to speak Irish during Seachtain na Gaeilge.


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Enjoy these photos of the AILO event with our students:  some from the launch and some from the competition.   

AILO Launch & Competition

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On Friday 11th April 2014 Ms Potter brought our 5th Year Classics class into town on a Classics outing.  We visited the National Museum of Ireland, Trinity College and some buildings on Dame Street.  We have been studying Greek architecture in class so we went into town to look at some buildings which have been influenced by both Greek and Roman styles of architecture.  When Ms Potter told us we were going on this outing we were so excited, we never thought we would get that excited about visiting buildings!!  As well as visiting buildings, we had a quiz testing our knowledge of Greek architecture.  It was great fun.  The winning team were rewarded with Easter eggs!  It was a great outing and we learned a lot.  It brought what were are studying in class to life.

5th Year Classics class.

a1sx2_Original1_classicsarchitecturaltrip01.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_classicsarchitecturaltrip02.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_classicsarchitecturaltrip03.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_classicsarchitecturaltrip04_20140415-114740_1.jpg



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On Saturday 12th April 2014 Ms Potter brought a group of 1st and 2nd Year Classics students to Trinity College Dublin for an "Ancient Greek and Roman Workshop".  Ms Potter organised this event with the Classics Department in Trinity.  There were about 5 schools there.  There were 4 workshops.  Students made Greek figurines, examined Roman coins, wrote their names in Ancient Greek on Papyrus with reed pens and did a bit of Latin!  There were spot prizes for students who correctly answered questions relating to the activities.  The students who attended this event were very dedicated and really interested in Classics as they gave up the first day of their Easter holidays to attend!  Trinty College were wonderful hosts.  As well as organising such fun activities they treated students to chocolate and refreshments.  Overall, this was a great day out.

a1sx2_Original1_classicstriptrinity01.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_classicstriptrinity02.jpga1sx2_Original1_classicstriptrinity03.jpg

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Grease – Monday 7th - Friday 11th April 

in CBC Monkstown each night at 8pm

Tickets at €12 are available in both schools.

Well done to the Foxrock girls and CBC Monkstown boys on a great opening night last night.  Rehearsals have been rigorous and time-consuming in recent weeks, with all cast & crew working flat out to perfect the show for our enjoyment.   We hope to see all of you there, and we wish the girls and boys a successful, enjoyable and exciting week ahead.  We're really looking forward to seeing you all in action.





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On last Friday 4th April, almost 200 people arrived at the school at the very unusual and very early time of 5.30/5.45 for the 'Walk with the Rising Sun'.  These 'early birds' were our 2nd, 4th & 5th Year students along with teachers and parents.  There were also a number of pets along for the early morning walk!  The walk, for 'Positive Mental Health', was organised to raise awareness of mental health issues and to raise funds for the Donal Walsh Foundation.  Almost €900 has been raised to date for the Foundation and the walk was an outright success. 
The initial idea came from a small group of our 5th Year students.  Supported and helped by Ms O'Malley (Guidance) and the PE Department, the girls did a fabulous job of organising a hugely successful event.  Thanks to all who participated and all who helped with every aspect of the project including Mrs Kenny and helpers for a very tasty and welcome breakfast enjoyed by all on their return to the school. A very big thank you to our very generous sponsors - 'Supervalu Deansgrange', 'Dunnes Stores Cornelscourt', 'The Lunchbox' and 'The Meat Outlet' in Dun Laoghaire.

Read Shauna Griffith's (5th Year) article below.  Enjoy the photos!!

a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun01.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun02.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun03.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun04.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun05.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun06.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun07.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun08.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun09.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun10.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun11.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun12.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun13.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_walkrisingsun14.jpg


On Friday 4th April, a group of 5th Year students organised a ‘Walk with the Rising Sun’, to promote positive mental health in our school community. The walk began at 6am and was followed by a breakfast hosted by the school. We would like to thank our sponsors, ‘Supervalue Deansgrange’, ‘Dunnes Stores Cornelscourt’, ‘The Lunchbox’ and ‘The Meat Outlet’ in Dunlaoghaire. We would also like to thank the canteen staff as without their help the breakfast would not have occurred.

The walk was a huge success, with all walkers donating €3, however the majority donated more, to the Donal Walsh Foundation. We managed to raise almost €800 (and growing) which will be distributed to various mental health organisations by the Donal Walsh Foundation. This will greatly benefit these organisations and we are very proud that Loreto College Foxrock can provide such assistance.

We hope to carry on the theme of positive mental health throughout this year and next and we would encourage all students to participate in the various upcoming events.

Shauna Griffith (5th Year)


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Does it bother you if things “aren’t fair”….? If so, you may want to join the Justice and Peace Group

Are you interested in issues of social justice both here and abroad?  Would you like to learn more about issues of inequality and get involved in campaigns and activism work?  If so, you need to join the 'Justice and Peace' group! We meet twice a month, Thursday lunchtimes, and are trying to extend to new members. Speak to Ms Barragry, Ms McElroy or Ms Healy if you are interested.

jp02.jpg    jp03.jpg


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To all our 3rd Year Home Economics students who are doing their Junior Cert Cookery Practical Exams from Thursday 3rd – Tuesday 8th April 2014.

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On Thursday 27th March, our 4th Year students who were shortlisted for the ICTU Youth Connect Video Awards attended the awards ceremony accompanied by their teachers Mr O'Flaherty, Mr Delahunty and Ms Potter.  A great afternoon was had by all.  Well done to the girls on their video production and to Holly Toomey on her original song featured on the video - composed and sung by Holly herself.  The group was nominated in the 'Most original/creative' category.

a1sx2_Original1_ictuyouthconnect01.jpg    a1sx2_Original1_ictuyouthconnect02.jpga1sx2_Original1_ictuyouthconnect03.jpg


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Foxrock Parish Choir and Special Guests present

The Sound of Musicals

in Foxrock Church

on Sunday April 6th at 7.30pm

Tickets €10  or  Family ticket (2 Adults & 4 Children)   €50

Tickets available from Parish Office or Parish Pastoral Centre

All proceeds towards Parish Community Finances. 

A very enjoyable night assured

Bring your cushion!!


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On Tuesday 25th March, we, a group of 5th Year Classical Studies students, along with Ms.Potter, went to a Classics Quiz which was held in Mount Anville Secondary school. The quiz is known as “The Ides of March Quiz” because it takes place around the 15th (ides) of March which is an infamous date in Roman History. Caesar went to the Senate that day (despite warnings from a soothsayer(fortune teller) and his wife not to go) and was murdered.

a1sx2_Original1_classicsquiz02.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_classicsquiz03.jpg

The quiz began at 7.30pm and ended at 9.45pm approximately. There were 10 rounds full of challenging yet rewarding questions. There was an excellent turn out. In total 27 teams made up of a mixture of students from different schools took part. There was clearly a great enthusiasm for Classical Studies. The Loreto Foxrock team, along with one male member, Peter, from 6th Year in St. Andrews came 4th which was respectable! There was a variety of questions asked which were based on Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Classical Studies topics. It was highly beneficial to have Peter on our team as he had covered topics that we weren’t studying. The different types of questions expanded our knowledge on the whole classics course.

To make the quiz even more enjoyable and exciting there were spot prizes awarded by the Quiz-master to students who answered the spot question the fastest. This really highlighted our competitive streak as the prizes were delicious Easter eggs! During the break chocolate and refreshments were given out - this really helped to boost our brain power.

This was a really enjoyable night which showed us the love for Classics that is out there. The encouragement of the teachers and the effort they put into the organisation of the quiz made for a successful and memorable night. We’re really looking forward to bringing home the gold next year!

Elana Murphy & Aoife McLaughlin, 5th Year.

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The Doodle4Google awards ceremony took place in the Google offices in Barrow St on Monday 24th March.  Our fabulous 2nd Year finalist, Eimear Sullivan, attended, accompanied by her Dad and Art teacher Ms O'Connor.  All the finalists had a wonderful day filled with activities, a welcoming reception and a party.  Eimear and the other finalists were given back their artwork which had been framed for the occasion.  Well done again Eimear from all in Foxrock.





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  • A walk for positive mental health.
  • Friday, April 4th
  • Meet at the school at 5:45am.
  • Breakfast will be provided.
  • Students (2nd, 4th & 5th Years) Teachers and Parents welcome.
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a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-02.jpg a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-03.jpg
a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-04.jpg a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-05.jpg
a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-06.jpg a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-07.jpg
a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-08.jpg a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-09.jpg
a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-10.jpg a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-11.jpg
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'Youth Connect' - the section of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) for students and young people is running a competition entitled '1913 Lockout - Decent Work, Better Future' Video competition.   Loreto College Foxrock 4th Years have been shortlisted in the 'Most original/Creative' category, and the group will be attending the awards ceremony.  Click below to watch the video which features an original song composed and sung by Holly Toomey.  We congratulate the girls involved and wish them the very best of luck in the competition.

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