Lenten Mass will take place in the Oratory every Thursday morning during Lent at 8.25am.  All are welcome.

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  A Very Warm Welcome to our Visitors from
Poland & UK
  Comenius Programme 2013 - 15
  Dublin Mobility 28 Feb - 9 Mar 2014
  Dublin Visit by our Partner Schools in Poland & the UK
Date & Time Events
Fri 28 Feb. Students & teachers arrive in Dublin Airport c.5.45pm
  Coach from Airport to Stillorgan Park Hotel
c 9.30pm Host Families collect students at Hotel
Sat 1 Mar. Day with Host Families
  Teachers Preparatory Meeting (1/1.5 hrs)
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On Friday 7th February 2014 Ms Potter and a group of her 2nd, 3rd and 5th Year Classics students went to see a Roman comedy "The Swaggering Soldier" by Plautus. Classics students in Trinity put on this play which is on the Classics Junior Certificate curriculum.  The play is about an arrogant and vain solider called Pyrgopolynices who kidnaps a woman called Philocomasium.  Her boyfriend Pleusicles comes to rescue her and teaches the soldier a lesson in the process.  See student comments below:

a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier01.jpg    a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier08.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier02.jpg    a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier03.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier04.jpg    a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier05.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier06.jpg    a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier07.jpg

Ciara Duffy and Luck Hackett (2nd Year students) really enjoyed it and found it very funny: 

"It was well produced with a very good script and plot.  The acting was excellent and the actors and actresses really got into their roles.  A lot of effort went into the costumes which really brought us back to Ancient Roman times.  The names of the characters were very long and hard to remember!  We didn't like the soldier, he was so vain and full of himself.  We found him irritating and were glad that he was punished at the end of the play which was very funny.  The audience was really gripped by the play. We are looking forward to studying it shortly".

Justyne Murnaghan and Elana Murphy (5th Year students) also really enjoyed the play: 

"It was great to see this play acted out after studying it for the Junior Certificate.  It was excellent and the acting was great.  It was our favourite topic on the Junior Cert course.  We remember acting out some of the scenes in class, ..I think the students in Trinity did a better job than we did though!  We are now studying Classics for the Leaving Certificate and love it.  It is our favourite subject.  We studied two Greek plays before Christmas: Euripides's "Medea" and Sophocles's "Oedipus the King". They were brilliant. They are tragedies and involve revenge, murder and incest so are vey different to Roman comedy!"

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 a1sx2_Original1_doodle4google01.jpg       a1sx2_Original1_doodle4google04_20140206-152337_1.jpg   Eimear Sullivan  (2nd Year)                                              

a1sx2_Original1_doodle4google03_20140206-152336_1.jpg     Emily Torpey (5th Year)

a1sx2_Original1_doodle4google02_20140206-152335_1.jpg  Grace Bass (5th Year)






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The Loreto MACE Debating Finals took place in Loreto College Foxrock on Thursday 30th January 2014. 

a1sx2_Original1_debating06_20140204-155615_1.jpg   a1sx2_Original1_debating05.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating04.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating07.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating12.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating11.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating14.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating15.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating16.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating19.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating18.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating23.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating24.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating25.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating28.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating27.jpg



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Please click below for the Mock Leaving & Junior Cert timetables. 

Leaving Cert Mock Timetable 2014.pdf

Junior Cert Mock Timetable 2014.pdf

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Mock Exams Information

  • All students have a copy of the exam timetable.
  • Please note that venues are provisional at this point – there may be changes to these. Students will be informed if and when there are changes
  • All paper is supplied. In addition to pencil cases, it is the students’ responsibility to bring calculators and Maths sets to their exams if required. Log tables will be supplied.
  • Bags are not to be brought to the exam centre – they must be left in students’ lockers.
  • The normal school hours do not apply to 3rd and 6th Years for the duration of the exams. Students must arrive in time for their exams and may leave the school once their day’s exam(s) are completed.

    Changes to 3rd Yr Timetable as at 28th Jan:  Please note, 3rd Yr Music and German will now both take place on the morning of Friday, 14th February.

    Changes to 6th Yr Timetable as at 28th Jan: 6th Yr  students - exams will take place in the Concert Hall on Tuesday, 4th Feb and not on the E corridor as stated in the original timetable.
    6th Yr music students – please note that your exam will take place in 2 one and a half hour slots with a 10 minute break in between. The first exam will be from 8.50 to 10.20 There will then be a 10 minute break until the 2nd exam which will start at 10.30 and finish at 12.00.



3rd February to 14th FEBRUARY

First Years students should store their bags in their base classroom. Please avoid using lockers whenever possible so as to reduce noise levels in exam area.


H 16         1 Babthorpe

H15           1 Poyntz

H14           1 Wigmore

H13           1 Rookwood


A1           2 Babthorpe

A2           2 Poyntz

A3           2 Ward

A4           2 Wigmore

A5           2 Rookwood

5th YEA









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The results obtained by the following six students (Sinead Durcan, Anna Caffrey, Sinead Ellison, Ciara Kelly, Aoife Curran & Emma Cryan) were amongst the Top 50 Highest Results in Dublin in Junior Certificate Business Studies 2013. These excellent results were acknowledged and awarded by DCU School of Business in a ceremony held on campus on Thursday 16th January. Anna Caffrey received an extra award on the night for achieving the second highest result out of this group of 50 high achievers. Well done to all six students.
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Draw a poster creating awareness of


(A4 or larger)

Submit your entry to your Tutor by the 31st of January.

The best poster will be rewarded,


Run by the Green Schools Committee.

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BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

Loreto Foxrock Finalists 2014

Well Done from all in Foxrock!


Sarah Penny-Howe & Louise Ryan  (4th Year)



Saoirse O'Keeffe  (2nd Year)

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On behalf of all of the students in Foxrock, the Student Council wish to congratulate our fellow council member, Shauna Griffith (5th Year) on her role in RTÉ’s drama Amber, currently airing on RTE 1 nightly at 9.30pm for four nights this week.  You may also catch up on 'real player'.  Watch out for Shauna who plays the part of Amber's friend Jenny. 



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Monday 20th January

Mary Ward Thought of the Day & Prayer Service

♥ Mary A Wards Day

♥ Random Acts of Kindness Day    

Tuesday 21st January 

♥ Mary Ward Thought of the Day & Prayer Service 

♥ Where's Mary Competition? 

♥ Mary Ward Animoto Video Clip During Tutor

Wednesday 22nd January

Mary Ward Thought of the Day & Prayer Service

Mary Ward Book marks and quotes

Mary Ward Documentary on show in Library

Thursday 23rd January

♥ Mary Ward Thought of the Day & Prayer Service

♥ Mary Ward Treasure Hunt at lunch time

♥ Beaded Meditation for 6th Years

Friday 24th January

♥ Mary Ward Thought of the Day & Prayer Service

♥ Mary Ward Table Quiz in the Concert Hall

♥ Beaded Meditation for 6th Years

Also there are lots of prizes and surprises to be given

out during the week so don’t miss out !

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1st Year Parents - Social Evening will take place on the 6th February 2014 in Bewley's Hotel, Sandyford at 8pm.  This is a great opportunity to meet the parents of your daughter's friends.

Upcoming Talk for Parents:   There will be a talk for all parents of the school at 7pm on January 30th 2014.  Professor Ian Robertson, TCD will give a talk entitled "The Winner Effect".  This talk will provide parents with knowledge and insight into the nature of success, leadership and human potential.  Free copies of his book will be given out on the night to early arrivals.

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The first semester of Evening Study will finish on Friday 24th January.  The 2nd semester will commence on Monday 27th January and run until Friday 23rd May.

Application forms are now available for the 2nd semester and should be returned by this Friday 17th January.  Any enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or text 087-2982103,

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Well done to those students who represented our school last week at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition. Everyone did a great job!

A special word of congratulations to Saoirse O’Keeffe (2 Rookwood).  Saoirse’s project “Vitamin D and Calcium are Key Factors in the Prevention of Osteoporosis in Adults” achieved 1st Prize in the Individual section of the Junior Biological and Ecological category.  This is a great achievement and based on her work Saoirse has been invited to work with FleishmanHilliard, a leading PR agency, this summer in developing an App in relation to this topic.


Congratulations also to Sarah Penny-Howe & Louise Ryan (4th Year) who also reached the final stages of this prestigious competition.  Their project entitled “The Suspension of Neodymium Magnets by the Use of Electromagnets” generated a lot of interest by visitors to the exhibition, including that of the Tánaiste , Mr Eamon Gilmore.

b2ap3_thumbnail_btyoungsci02.jpg    b2ap3_thumbnail_btyoungsci03.jpg

Well done girls from all in Loreto Foxrock!

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On Thursday 12th December 2013 Ms Potter brought her 2nd and 3rd Year Classics classes to see an exhibition entitled “Life and Death in Ancient Rome” in the National Museum in Dublin city centre.

b2ap3_thumbnail_classicstrip02.jpg   b2ap3_thumbnail_classicstrip03.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_classicstrip04.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_classicstrip05.jpg  

We saw lots of artefacts from ancient Rome, including gold and silver coins, clay oil lamps, amphorae, urns and even an Etruscan sarcophagus! We also visited the Egyptian part of the museum and learned about how the Egyptians influenced Roman burials. We saw a mummy wrapped in a Roman shroud and we were fascinated by the mummified cat and bird we saw!

Seeing as we were in the National museum, we decided to check out the bog bodies! It was amazing to see how well preserved these bodies were.

Overall it was a brilliant day out and we learned a lot about life in Ancient Rome.

By Beth Fuller - 2 Poyntz

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The 6th Year Classics class visited the Classics Museum in UCD earlier this month, and experienced a wide range of Greek and Roman artefacts.  The museum is one of the most impressive aspects of the School of Classics which is the largest centre of Classical Studies in Ireland. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_classicalstudies1.jpg          b2ap3_thumbnail_classicalstudies2.jpg         

In line with our study of Greek sculpture, we saw replicas of some of the sculptures we had studied in class, such as the Kritios Boy, an Early Classical sculpture that 6th Year Classics students are all too familiar with!  The museum curator, Dr. Joanna Day, showed us collections of Greek vases, sculptures, and Greek and Roman coins, as well as a remarkable stone sarcophagus, and many tombstones – we saw one tombstone belonging to a thirty year old, and one belonging to a four year old, erected by a man for his “unfortunate granddaughter”!

The best part of the visit was when we sat down to handle some of the artefacts.  Among the objects we looked at were a terracotta oil lamp, one of the first versions of money from the ancient world, and a small lekithos, which was an oil flask (we learned that almost every container from ancient Greece most likely held oil!).  The visit was extremely interesting for us, as we got to bring our knowledge of the Classical world and apply it to the remnants we are left with today.  It was a chance to get out of the classroom and see what's in our textbooks in real life!

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Congratulations to our two Senior Debating teams who have qualified for the Loreto Mace Debates Finals in January 2014.

The winning debaters are :

Iseult Jackson, Sophie Lauritsch, Chloe Kinsella and Angela Wu - 5th Year.

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Congratulations to Amy Keane and Ellen Holmes (6th Year) who received their Silver Gaisce (President's) Awards at a special ceremony on last Thursday night (5th December) in Trinity College Dublin.  It is a great achievement to continue with the Gaisce challenges during your Senior years.  Well Done Amy & Ellen!!


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