On Tuesday 25th March, we, a group of 5th Year Classical Studies students, along with Ms.Potter, went to a Classics Quiz which was held in Mount Anville Secondary school. The quiz is known as “The Ides of March Quiz” because it takes place around the 15th (ides) of March which is an infamous date in Roman History. Caesar went to the Senate that day (despite warnings from a soothsayer(fortune teller) and his wife not to go) and was murdered.

a1sx2_Original1_classicsquiz02.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_classicsquiz03.jpg

The quiz began at 7.30pm and ended at 9.45pm approximately. There were 10 rounds full of challenging yet rewarding questions. There was an excellent turn out. In total 27 teams made up of a mixture of students from different schools took part. There was clearly a great enthusiasm for Classical Studies. The Loreto Foxrock team, along with one male member, Peter, from 6th Year in St. Andrews came 4th which was respectable! There was a variety of questions asked which were based on Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Classical Studies topics. It was highly beneficial to have Peter on our team as he had covered topics that we weren’t studying. The different types of questions expanded our knowledge on the whole classics course.

To make the quiz even more enjoyable and exciting there were spot prizes awarded by the Quiz-master to students who answered the spot question the fastest. This really highlighted our competitive streak as the prizes were delicious Easter eggs! During the break chocolate and refreshments were given out - this really helped to boost our brain power.

This was a really enjoyable night which showed us the love for Classics that is out there. The encouragement of the teachers and the effort they put into the organisation of the quiz made for a successful and memorable night. We’re really looking forward to bringing home the gold next year!

Elana Murphy & Aoife McLaughlin, 5th Year.

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The Doodle4Google awards ceremony took place in the Google offices in Barrow St on Monday 24th March.  Our fabulous 2nd Year finalist, Eimear Sullivan, attended, accompanied by her Dad and Art teacher Ms O'Connor.  All the finalists had a wonderful day filled with activities, a welcoming reception and a party.  Eimear and the other finalists were given back their artwork which had been framed for the occasion.  Well done again Eimear from all in Foxrock.





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  • A walk for positive mental health.
  • Friday, April 4th
  • Meet at the school at 5:45am.
  • Breakfast will be provided.
  • Students (2nd, 4th & 5th Years) Teachers and Parents welcome.
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a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-02.jpg a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-03.jpg
a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-04.jpg a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-05.jpg
a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-06.jpg a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-07.jpg
a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-08.jpg a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-09.jpg
a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-10.jpg a1sx2_Original1_la-semaine-de-la-francophonie-11.jpg
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'Youth Connect' - the section of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) for students and young people is running a competition entitled '1913 Lockout - Decent Work, Better Future' Video competition.   Loreto College Foxrock 4th Years have been shortlisted in the 'Most original/Creative' category, and the group will be attending the awards ceremony.  Click below to watch the video which features an original song composed and sung by Holly Toomey.  We congratulate the girls involved and wish them the very best of luck in the competition.

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On Thursday 13th March, five members of our 4T Mini Company including the General Manager and the Production Manager went to the Student Enterprise Awards County Final at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dún Laoghaire.

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_student-enterprise-awards-01.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_student-enterprise-awards-02.jpg

To qualify we had to send them our ‘Business Plan’ along with some pictures of our earring holders. By using recycled materials and frames we created custom made earring holders. Using a slide show we were the first group to present our product to those attending the competition (for which we got a special mention at the prize giving). Later on in the day we went for a private interview where we explained our product to the judges. Throughout the day we presented our products to students, teacher and members of the public, and also had some sales. We are looking forward to launching our product in the next few weeks.

Custom made earring holders will be on sale from now until the Summer Fair.



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Loreto College Foxrock French Week Video.


Enjoy this happy snapshot from the French Department and students of Loreto College Foxrock! 

Amusez-vous bien!!

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La Semaine de la Francophonie  18 - 21 March:   Schedule 

See pdf file above for the week's schedule.  KEEP WATCHING THE NEWS PAGES......... for the 'Vidéo Fantastique' produced by the girls and the French Department.

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Thursday 16th March 2014 was a warm, sunny day, not as warm as Ancient Greece would have been but pretty good for Irish weather. 4R was having its double Classics class outside with Ms Potter. We had been studying the ancient Olympics in Greece as part of a six week module and, as a bit of a treat in our last double class, we went outside to re-enact some of the ancient Olympic Games. This also tied in well with Healthwise Week.

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We are planning a reunion of our year group for this September, 2014 (date & details to be decided) to celebrate our 20 years out of school.  If you were in our year and would like further information, please contact  Ciara Boylan  086-3832848.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing everybody again.


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Healthwise Week, now over for another year, was a fabulous success. See a selection of photos and read all about it here!

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CONGRATULATIONS to all members of the choir who took part in the EMMANUEL CONCERT at the Helix.

Particular thanks to Laura Fitzgerald who was one of the presenters on the night.
The whole event was recorded and will be transmitted on RTE on 30th March 2014

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Public voting 2014 Doodle 4 Google Competition!

Eimear Sullivan (2nd Year)

Go to http://www.google.ie/doodle4google NOW

Click 'Vote now'

Click 'Group 4'

Double click Eimear's design (featured above)

Cast your vote!!

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The hugely popular Healthwise Week kicks off on Monday next.  We look forward to healthy food and snacks, culinary tips, health tips, sporting challenges including the 5K and Loreto Mile and above all to great fun as usual.  We wish everyone a very happy and of course healthy Healthwise Week 2014.

Click here for this year's schedule -  Healthwise Week Schedule 2014

CRAZY SOCK DAY Wednesday 4th March

Brighten up your mid-week with a bit of colour. Wear colourful fun socks with your uniform on Wednesday. There will be a prize for the best socks….. JUNIOR AND SENIOR PRIZE!

BOUNCY CASTLE Thursday 5th March

Students must wear full sports uniform, runners, Healthwise Week t-shirt and bring 50 cent as payment.

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Lenten Mass will take place in the Oratory every Thursday morning during Lent at 8.25am.  All are welcome.

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  A Very Warm Welcome to our Visitors from
Poland & UK
  Comenius Programme 2013 - 15
  Dublin Mobility 28 Feb - 9 Mar 2014
  Dublin Visit by our Partner Schools in Poland & the UK
Date & Time Events
Fri 28 Feb. Students & teachers arrive in Dublin Airport c.5.45pm
  Coach from Airport to Stillorgan Park Hotel
c 9.30pm Host Families collect students at Hotel
Sat 1 Mar. Day with Host Families
  Teachers Preparatory Meeting (1/1.5 hrs)
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On Friday 7th February 2014 Ms Potter and a group of her 2nd, 3rd and 5th Year Classics students went to see a Roman comedy "The Swaggering Soldier" by Plautus. Classics students in Trinity put on this play which is on the Classics Junior Certificate curriculum.  The play is about an arrogant and vain solider called Pyrgopolynices who kidnaps a woman called Philocomasium.  Her boyfriend Pleusicles comes to rescue her and teaches the soldier a lesson in the process.  See student comments below:

a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier01.jpg    a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier08.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier02.jpg    a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier03.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier04.jpg    a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier05.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier06.jpg    a1sx2_Original1_classics-s.soldier07.jpg

Ciara Duffy and Luck Hackett (2nd Year students) really enjoyed it and found it very funny: 

"It was well produced with a very good script and plot.  The acting was excellent and the actors and actresses really got into their roles.  A lot of effort went into the costumes which really brought us back to Ancient Roman times.  The names of the characters were very long and hard to remember!  We didn't like the soldier, he was so vain and full of himself.  We found him irritating and were glad that he was punished at the end of the play which was very funny.  The audience was really gripped by the play. We are looking forward to studying it shortly".

Justyne Murnaghan and Elana Murphy (5th Year students) also really enjoyed the play: 

"It was great to see this play acted out after studying it for the Junior Certificate.  It was excellent and the acting was great.  It was our favourite topic on the Junior Cert course.  We remember acting out some of the scenes in class, ..I think the students in Trinity did a better job than we did though!  We are now studying Classics for the Leaving Certificate and love it.  It is our favourite subject.  We studied two Greek plays before Christmas: Euripides's "Medea" and Sophocles's "Oedipus the King". They were brilliant. They are tragedies and involve revenge, murder and incest so are vey different to Roman comedy!"

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 a1sx2_Original1_doodle4google01.jpg       a1sx2_Original1_doodle4google04_20140206-152337_1.jpg   Eimear Sullivan  (2nd Year)                                              

a1sx2_Original1_doodle4google03_20140206-152336_1.jpg     Emily Torpey (5th Year)

a1sx2_Original1_doodle4google02_20140206-152335_1.jpg  Grace Bass (5th Year)






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The Loreto MACE Debating Finals took place in Loreto College Foxrock on Thursday 30th January 2014. 

a1sx2_Original1_debating06_20140204-155615_1.jpg   a1sx2_Original1_debating05.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating04.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating07.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating12.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating11.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating14.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating15.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating16.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating19.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating18.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating23.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating24.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating25.jpg

a1sx2_Original1_debating28.jpg  a1sx2_Original1_debating27.jpg



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Please click below for the Mock Leaving & Junior Cert timetables. 

Leaving Cert Mock Timetable 2014.pdf

Junior Cert Mock Timetable 2014.pdf

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